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December 15, 2017

Arrested For Attacking Mother of His Child

8/6/16 The victim, Kristen Lowry, received a text message from Jaraad Hasan that her one year old son was at home alone.  When Lowry returned home at 5PM, she discovered her front door unlocked and her son on the couch, trying to look out the window.  Hasan arrived ten minutes later and began striking Lowry multiple times with an open and closed fist (and with various items throughout the house).  Hasan continued to strike, shove and cause injury to Lowry between 5:10 and 10:30 PM.  During that time frame, Lowry attempted to leave the house several times.  Each time Lowry met with additional violence from Hasan.  Lowry fled with her son to her vehicle  and Hasan followed, getting into her vehicle.  She drove to Rod’s Pizza and Hasan was arrested.  He had no injuries but Lowry had substantial bruising, cuts, scrapes and swelling over her arms, upper torso and face.   Jaraad Antar Hasan Garland County Booking id: garland-3445-16 Booking date: August 7, 2016 Suspect id: garland-3445-16 Gender: Male Race: Black Age: 28 Charges: Domestic Battery 3rd Degree Bond: No Bond Endangering Welfare Of A Minor In The First Degree Bond: 2,500.00    


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