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January 17, 2018

Fight Ends Up With One in the Hospital & Two in Jail

  August 6 2016 Deputy Hotho of the Garland County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a call of a severely injured male bleeding from his head on Hickory Nut Mountain Road. Deputy Hotho stated that when he arrived on the scene he found the victim, a 43-year-old male with a bloody nose, split lips, head gash and a swollen face. In addition, he was complaining of severe shoulder pain. The victim stated that 2 males had assaulted him and then left the area in a green truck with a dog a female passenger. The victim could not recall whether the attackers had used their fists or had used weapons. The victim was transported to St. Vincent’s by ambulance. Montgomery County Deputies stopped a truck at the intersection of Hickory Nut Mountain road and Hwy 270 matching the description. Montgomery County Deputies brought the suspects back to the scene. Deputy Hotho made contact with the occupants of the green truck and identified them as a Devyn Sorrell (20 yr. old male), a 17-year-old juvenile male, a 14-year-old juvenile female and Louisa Udona (32 yr. old female). I observed that the males had injuries consistent with fighting. The juvenile male had injuries to both his hand and a gash on the top of his head. Devyn Sorrell had scraped elbows, knees, and his back. However, he didn’t have injuries to his hands. The females did not have any apparent injuries. Deputy Hotho arrested the males and released the females in the truck and the dog to a licensed driver at the request of Sorrell  


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