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January 16, 2018

Hot Springs Arkansas Board of Directors passed a Pan Handling ordinance

Hot Springs Arkansas Board of Directors passed a Pan Handling ordinance


Pan Handlers Beware. Hot Springs Arkansas Police will now be watching for you.

The Hot Springs Board of Directors unanimously adopted an ordinance Tuesday night banning the solicitation of donations from motorists driving on a public right of way. Hot Springs Pan Handling Ordinance details below:

The emergency clause the board adopted 6-0, with District 4 Director Larry Williams abstaining, put the ordinance into effect immediately. Police Chief Jason Stachey told the board violators will be warned and asked to leave areas adjacent to public right of ways. A second violation will generate a citation, he said.

“Beginning (Wednesday) morning, officers will make contact with everyone of these individuals, explain to them the city ordinance, warn them,” he said. “Any violations after they’ve been warned will result in a citation.”

The general penalty provision of the city code would apply to violators, City Attorney Brian Albright said. It empowers the city to levy a fine up to $500 and impose a term of “imprisonment” of up to one year.

The ordinance prohibits sitting, standing or walking or otherwise entering upon a roadway, median, or portion of a public street or otherwise approaching a vehicle located within any portion of a public street or roadway for the purpose of soliciting any item, including but no limited to money. It also prohibits pedestrians from distributing items to motorists on a public right of way.

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Arkansas Pan Handling Ordinance passed by Hot Springs Board of Directors.

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“He says most of the time, people with signs aren’t really in need of help at all and could be making as much money as you do, and it’s tax free.” To me it sounds like someone should contact the IRS.

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