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December 17, 2017

Ricky Newman police confession released after charges dropped

Ricky Newman police confession released after charges dropped

VAN BUREN, Ark. —Ricky Newman confessed, in detail, to killing…

Ricky Newman confessed, in detail, to killing a homeless woman.


40/29 News obtained a copy of his recorded confession with Van Buren Police that occured May 9th, 2002.

“I sacrificed her, I punched her eyes out,” Newman said to the detective.”I did plan to kill her, I did enjoy killing her.”

Police found the mutilated body of Marie Cholette, 46, at a homeless camp in Van Buren.

According to the medical examiners report Cholette’s throat had been cut and her sexual organs had been removed.

Newman’s confession to police went into graphic detail about what he said he did to Cholette.

“When you took her up there you planned on killing her,” asked the detective.

Newman replied, “Yes sir it was premeditated. I knew she would never walk off that mountain.”

The detective asked “So when you say you sacrificed her, what did you mean by that?”

Newman replied, “Sacrificed her to the devil, sent her to hell,” he added “First her throat was cut then her guts was cut open, her chest was cut.”

Based on that confession it took one day for jurors in Crawford County to convict Newman of capital murder. He was sentenced to death.

40/29 News interviewed Newman while he was on death row in prison.

“I’m a stone cold killer, it’s what I am. She ain’t the first, but she will be my last, ” Newman said. “I made sure she died. I didn’t kill her once, I killed her over and over.”

But despite his repeated confessions the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled that Newman has a mental disorder and ordered a new trial. The ruling prevented Newman’s confession from being used in court against him.

Based on that ruling, Special Prosecutor Ron Fields told 40/29 News there was not enough evidence for a conviction.

After spending more than 16 years behind bars, on Wednesday, charges were dropped and Rickey Dale Newman was released from jail.

Detention center surveillance video shows his defense attorney greeting Newman as he walked out the doors.

Crawford County Sheriff Ron Brown told 40/29 News that Newman was planning on living with a relative in Montana.

40/29 News has been unable to reach Rickey Newman for a comment. His defense attorney also has not returned calls for a comment.

In his confession, Newman told police he’d committed numerous murders in Montana and Alabama.

However, Fields told 40/29 News that police were never able to connect Newman to those murders.

Source: Ricky Newman police confession released after charges dropped

Ricky Newman police confession released after charges dropped


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