A 36-year-old Mountain Home man already in jail faces additional charges after investigators say they used a fingerprint on a chocolate bar wrapper to identify Thomas Paul Wolfe in a burglary.

Wolfe was arrested Nov. 17 on felony charges of residential burglary and attempted commercial burglary. He also faces misdemeanor charges of theft of property, criminal trespass and two counts of criminal mischief.

The Baxter County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a suspicious vehicle in Henderson. While checking out the vehicle, a deputy noticed a broken window at a nearby home.

As deputies investigated, they could hear a voice inside the home. The deputies announced themselves and then heard someone running, according to an affidavit.

One deputy covered the front door while the other went to the back door. The deputy at the back door encountered Wolfe as he left the residence. Wolfe reportedly told the deputy he broke into the home because he was cold and hungry.

Inside the home, deputies discovered a pair of bloody black pants. They also discovered multiple open beverage and food containers. Wolfe was arrested at the home and taken to the Baxter County Detention Center.

The next day, a nearby business owner discovered someone had attempted to break into a business. A drive through window was broken and a back door was damaged. The damage to the back door was made by a hammer.

Investigators noted a hammer was found on a counter at the home where Wolfe was arrested. They compared the hammer to the marks on the door. They matched. Additionally, the hammer had paint transfer from the door.

As Wolfe sat in jail for the first two incidents, he chalked up a third case after the caretaker to a Henderson residence called the BCSO to report a home had been broken into.

Two glass doors at the back of the home were broken and blood could be seen on the back deck of the home, according to the affidavit in the case. Just inside the glass back door, blood spatter could be seen.

As investigators entered the home, they could smell smoke. In the kitchen, they found evidence someone had eaten food. A “large” amount of blood was smeared on the family room floor, cabinets throughout the home had been opened and a bed appeared to have been slept in, according to the affidavit.

Several food wrappers were taken from the kitchen and dusted for fingerprints. One of the items was a wrapper for a Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar. That fingerprint reportedly matched Wolfe’s left index finger, according to the affidavit.

Wolfe is scheduled to appear in Baxter County Circuit Court later this week, according to electronic court records.

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