A 52-year-old Gassville man appeared Thursday in Baxter County Circuit Court where he admitted he stole more than $124,000 from his employers in Baxter and Marion counties.

Robert Wyble appeared with his attorney and entered guilty pleas to more than 80 felony charges of theft and forgery in the two cases. Circuit Court Judge John Putman ordered Wyble to appear Dec. 5 to be sentenced.

In cases where people steal large amounts of money, prosecutors work hard to recover as much restitution as possible from defendants. It is not unusual to see prison sentences be reduced depending on a defendant’s ability to pay back what they took.

Wyble was arrested in September of last year on felony charges of theft and forgery.

Approximately 10 years ago, Wyble was hired as a store manager at a Mountain Home retail store. As part of his duties, Wyble was responsible for maintaining the store’s financial records.

Beginning in January 2015 and ending with his firing in May 2018, Wyble allegedly forged some 63 checks and created 24 false documents, according to the affidavit.

Wyble was interviewed by an investigator with the Mountain Home Police Department. During that interview, Wyble reportedly admitted to creating false documents then turning them into the company for reimbursement, according to the affidavit.

A business owner in Bull Shoals read the initial story about the Mountain Home thefts Wyble was accused of and contacted the Bull Shoals Police Department. She told police there she hired Wyble and believed he stole money from her business.

The woman was starting a business including an archery range. Wyble was reportedly in charge of purchasing the equipment necessary for the business. Wyble would report purchasing various items using his debit card and then have the business owner write him checks to reimburse him.

The business owner wrote four checks to Wyble, totaling $17,236.84 according to the affidavit filed in the case.

Wyble went voluntarily to the Bull Shoals Police Department to discuss the matter. During that conversation with police, Wyble reportedly admitted to receiving money from the business owner for items she never received.

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