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favor of impeachment

I can no longer stand by and do nothing as the country I call home is irreparably harmed. I strongly believe it is time to take our country back from the jaws of lawlessness and greed so we might begin to heal the deep and growing divide among us.

Our democracy is too important, which is why I support the impeachment of Donald J. Trump as president of the United States. There is no question the evidence is strong and compelling to impeach this president, and yet we are faced with a majority of senators who refuse to even consider the idea. Here in Arkansas, Tom Cotton and John Boozman are seemingly oblivious to the misdeeds of this president.

They swore an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, yet they seemingly refuse to live up to it. This cannot stand!

It became very clear through the recently held impeachment hearings that Donald J. Trump committed unthinkable acts. He attempted to haggle with our allies — the Ukraine — by withholding funds authorized and appropriated by Congress in return for their publicly maligning Trump’s strongest contender in the next election.

This one act is enough to impeach and remove the President, but sadly, this deed does not stand in isolation.

I’ve watched events unfold over the past three years. For example, when Trump went to Helsinki to meet with Vladimir Putin, it was collusion in plain sight when he took Putin’s denial over that of our own intelligence officials and solid evidence that Russia did indeed interfere in the 2016 election.

We must not forget that Trump, a.k.a. Individual One, has been implicated in court proceedings that landed his attorney Michael Cohen in prison for violations of campaign finance laws.

Trump has been named in several sexual abuse and even rape allegations against numerous women. A number of his “best people” have been indicted or are serving in jail. And about those tax returns…

He’s undermined our military justice system, watered down environmental protections that safeguard our food, water, and wildlife, gutted public education, caused the death of children in U.S. custody at our southern border, and is responsible for the slaughter of the Kurds in Syria. The national debt is at unsustainable highs. Trump’s rhetoric insights violence. His unscripted speeches are embarrassing.

There are so many more incidents and instances of why there is no question that this president must be removed from office before he does further damage to our country. Not only should he be removed as president, but he should be indicted for crimes he has allegedly committed while in office and before.

There is no decent defense of this man. He has caused undue harm to this country. It is time he is removed from office.

I urge my two U.S. Senators to have the courage to do the right thing. Vote for the removal of Donald J. Trump if and when impeachment comes before the U.S. Senate.

Carol Henrichs

Mountain Home

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