Thankful for change at the top

Thank God because change is good.

We now have a business man instead of a politician in the White House and many politicians are still having a screaming fit over it. Plus, we now have a president who thinks more about God, America, Americans, and our military than self. And, a president who cannot be bought because he does not need the money.

It is becoming more and more clear every day what President Trump meant when He said, “Drain the swamp.” Let’s face the truth: Bill and Hilary Clinton, along with Obama and Biden, were absolutely the face of evil, using their elections and our money, for their own benefit.

Most politicians have become the very representation of corruptness and evil, at the expense of you and I, the taxpayers. Is it not time to say. “Thank You” to our God, our military, the immigrants who came here legally and worked hard for what became their country, and all of the other people who proudly worked hard to make America the greatest country in the World.

And how do we do this? We run America like a business; we hire hard working people to run our country, people who love our country and the people they represent; people who put God and country above self and selfishness; people who are willing to put truth above agenda; people who are willing to truthfully plan budgets for their platforms, i.e. put facts above promises.

And to Congress: Social Security belongs to the people who paid into it; real Americans, not Congress women and men; so remember that. And too again, Congress was hired to act on behalf of America and Americans, so quit trying to cover up the swamp by impeaching the President and get to work.

We have much to be Thankful for in America, especially the people who put God and country first, and are proud and grateful for the opportunity to live and work in this great nation. 

J.R. Crawford

Mountain Home

The sky is falling

The U.N. chief is warning us that global warming is here and it is going to get worse. What we have done so far is totally inadequate and the time to do something to reduce greenhouse gas is now.

The questions is, are we going to really do anything to save coastal cities and save lives?

Here is a list of the things we could do:

We need to reduce the population. More people equals more pollution.

No more cutting down trees.

No more lawn mowers or garden tractors.

Public transportation. No cars, only buses.

Airplanes for military use only, no airlines.

No pets. No cat food or dog food.

No plastic anything.

Paving over the land will be forbidden.

No disposable cans or bottles. All soda, beer and milk will come in glass bottles with a large deposit required to ensure returns.

Almost everything will be sold in bulk. When you go to the store, bring your own can, box or bottle.

All this would be a step in the right direction and with time we could do a lot more.

To stop global warming is not going to be easy and we will all have to do our part, no exceptions for the politicians and the well connected.

J.P. McQuaide

Mountain Home 

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