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Fayetteville Man Is Contestant On ‘The Price Is Right’

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.(KFSM) – A Fayetteville man was a contestant on Monday’s (May 6) episode of the ‘The Price Is Right’.

“I never dreamed that we would actually get picked, but we were just excited to get to be in the audience and see it but ended up getting picked and getting on the show, so it was pretty incredible,” Jeffrey Essary said.

He said the first four people got called down and after one person went their turn, they needed one more contestant.

“I heard my name called and didn`t believe it for a second and looked and saw the sign that it was my name and it was just a blur after that, just kind of went crazy celebrating and high-fiving everybody,” he said.

It was Jeffrey’s wife, Cecile Essary`s, idea to get tickets for the show because they were already going to be in Los Angeles. She said she grew up watching the show with her mom.

“I knew if someone was going to get picked, it was going to be Jeff. He`s just a handsome, smart young guy and so when he got picked I was not surprised, and I was just happy he got picked because he`s way better at split-second decisions than I am,” she said.

Essary said even though he wasn`t able to guess the price of the car, it was a great experience and they also had a watch party at his work.

“You are just so nervous and adrenaline pumping, you just get clues from the audience. I was looking back at Cecille and try to get advice on what to do and ended up being really really close to getting it,” he said.

Essary won an Xbox and some games that he plans on sending to his nephew.

You can watch ‘The Price is Right’ weekdays at 10 a.m. on KFSM Channel 5.

A look inside the hyperbaric chamber at CHI St. Vincent

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Hope you’re not claustrophobic, because in today’s episode of wear the gown, we’re sending you on a short trip. We’re taking you inside a hyperbaric chamber, in hopes you never really have to go here. 

These chambers are the focal point for the CHI St. Vincent Wound Care Center. 

“It incorporates many aspects other than simply looking at a wound and changing the dressing,” doctors at CHI St. Vincent said.

They get the call when healing a wound needs something extra. 

“I think it’s somebody that needs more than standard care. Somebody that fails to respond in the standard way.” 

This is where the hyperbaric chamber can come into play. 

“It’s 100 percent oxygen, under pressure,” they said. 

The goal is the growth of new blood vessels which helps rejuvenate injured tissue and healthy skin. But keep in mind, only about five to 10 percent of the center’s patents ever need it. 

“But honestly most of our patients have an underlying chronic condition which impeded the ability to heal normally in the first place,” they said. 

Long, periodic treatment schedules are needed to fight their number one enemy: diabetes. 

“Most of the diabetic foot ulcers are on the pressure bearing surfaces of the foot,” they said. 

Even with hyperbaric chambers, treatments may take months, but it’s worth it. 

“The alternative is immediate amputation,” they said. “You know we’re saving their foot but we’re also prolonging their life in that process.” 

They have a hospital full of specialists that can then come into play in correcting the underlying problem that caused that wound in the first place. 

“If someone has fallen through the cracks somewhere else, they can come here,” they said. “We will coordinate their care.” 

These are chambers of hope.

The Wound Care Center is adjacent to the main hospital on the CHI St. Vincent campus here in Little Rock. The hyperbaric therapy is now so common — that Medicare covers over 15 procedures using those chambers.