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Two Jonesboro Friends Split ,000 Lottery Prize

Two Jonesboro Friends Split ,000 Lottery Prize

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KFSM) — Two men in Jonesboro have a tradition of alternating buying lottery tickets a few times a week, one of them finally bought the winning ticket.

Robin Rhea claimed the prize Wednesday (Aug. 14) but his long-time friend Greg Schaaf actually purchased the $3 10X Bonus Crossword instant ticket at the Adoosh Mini Mart in Jonesboro on Monday (Aug. 12).

“Greg and I have been close friends since high school, and we’ve also been working together for years,” Rhea said.

Schaaf originally went to the convenient store to purchase water bottles and bought the winning ticket while he was there.

“This weather has been scorching! We ran out of bottled water, so I ran to the store to purchase some more,” Schaaf said. “During my stop, I decided to purchase a lottery ticket and gave it to Robin when I got back to work.”

They were exhausted after work Monday and decided to scratch the ticket the next day, so the duo didn’t realize the ticket was a winner until Tuesday (Aug. 13).

“I scratched the ticket after dinner,” Rhea said. “When I realized that it was a winner, I called Greg immediately. I knew I had to split the prize with my buddy.”

“When he told me the news, I was thrilled,” Schaff said. “I’ve been having a hard time lately and just decided to put it in God’s hands. Then all of a sudden – boom! My friend wins the lottery, and I’m blessed that he wants to split it with me.”

Rhea and Schaaf say they plan to pay tithes and bills with their winnings. They also want to donate to the rehabilitation facility in Jonesboro.

Arkansas Man Buys Lottery Tickets To Break 0 Bill, Wins K Lottery Prize

Arkansas Man Buys Lottery Tickets To Break 0 Bill, Wins K Lottery Prize

On Friday, a Paragould man bought three lottery tickets so he could break a $100 bill, and ended up winning a lottery prize worth $50,000.

Jason Jones played the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery‘s $20 instant-ticket game. He bought his ticket from the EZ Mart at 913 E. 9th Street in Mountain Home.

Jones first won $20, and used that $20 to buy another instant-ticket and then won $100.

Out of the three instant-tickets Jones initially purchased, he saved the $50K Blowout ticket for last. When he scratched away at the $50K Blowout ticket and saw the six prize amounts totaling $50,000, he says he was dumbstruck.

“I scratched part of the bonus box first and revealed $10, so I thought I only won $10. While scratching the remaining of the ticket, I looked a little bit closer and saw a lot of zeros. I decided to scratch the rest of the bonus box, and it revealed $10,000,” Jones said. “I soon realized this game had the top prize. Even though I purchased the ticket, I was still in disbelief but made sure to sign the back of the ticket!”

Jones plans to invest in his business and pay bills with his winnings.


Arkansas Lottery Revenue Tops $516M For Fiscal Year

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Arkansas’ lottery says it sold more than $516 million in tickets for the fiscal year, setting a new record and raising more than $98 million for college scholarships.

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery program said Wednesday the revenue for the fiscal year that ended June 30 was more than $16 million higher than the previous year’s total, which was record-breaking at the time. The lottery also broke the previous record of $97.5 million raised for college scholarships in 2012.

The lottery says new records were also set for scratch-off ticket and draw games sales. Arkansas voters approved a constitutional amendment authorizing the lottery to raise money for scholarships, and the state began selling tickets in 2009. The lottery says it has raised more than $803 million for scholarships since its creation.

Bentonville Woman Wins k In Lottery’s Natural State Jackpot

Bentonville Woman Wins k In Lottery’s Natural State Jackpot

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KFSM) — A Bentonville woman claimed a Natural State Jackpot (NSJ) lottery prize worth $65,000 and said she plans to visit her daughter in Japan who serves in the U.S. Navy with the money she won.

Tamara Brannan purchased the winning ticket at Guess Who at 214 Southeast Walton Boulevard in Bentonville for the July 1 drawing.

“I play the lottery a couple of times a month,” said Brannan. “I won $1 from the June 29 NSJ drawing. I used that dollar to purchase another Quick Pick NSJ ticket for the drawing that was held the following Monday,” she added.

Brannan thought it was a mistake when she first discovered she had won after checking her numbers on the Arkansas Lottery’s website.

“I was in total shock and called my husband, Dave immediately. He couldn’t believe it either and told me to double-check the July 1 winning numbers.”

She said she also plans to pay bills with her winnings.

“We can’t wait to visit our daughter, Madison in the fall,” Brannan said.


MENA, Ark. (KFSM) —  One lucky dad turned his Father’s Day gift into a $200,000 lottery prize.

Father’s Day Gift Turns Into 0,000 Lottery Prize For Arkansas Man

Lori Goodner of Mena

Lori Goodner of Mena gave her husband, Dwight, $20 for Father’s Day and suggested he buy some lottery tickets. So he went to the Tobacco Superstore located at 518 Highway 71-South in Mena and bought several tickets, including a $10, $200,000 Bonus scratch-off.

The couple won the last of three top prizes on the bonus game and now have a check for $200,000.

Lori and Dwight say they will use the money to pay bills and buy a new car.

Since retailers receive a 1% commission on winning lottery products they sell, the Tobacco Superstore will receive a $2,000 check for selling the $200,000 ticket.

Arkansas lottery scholarship on track for a record breaking year

In the last decade, The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery has helped fund more than half a million scholarships worth more than $965 million and they’re ready to help fund more futures again this year. 

The deadline to apply for the scholarships is coming soon and if there’s ever been a year to apply, it’s this one. They are on track to break records.

Over the last decade, these scholarships have helped thousands of students afford college and achieve their dreams. This story is especially true for Daveante Jones. He’s been an Associate Attorney on the employment team at Wright, Lindsay and Jennings in Little Rock for the last two years. 

He’s fulfilling his dream every day he steps into his office. But, his dream of becoming a lawyer may not have been possible without receiving scholarships like the lottery’s Arkansas Academic Challenge.

“Without scholarships it would have been very difficult for me to go to school and I would have had to pick up more jobs and more student loans,” he said. “Scholarships were my main priority coming out of high school.”

With the help of scholarships, he was able to invest more time in academics and less on financial worries. That investment is something Jones attributes to his ability to graduate Cum Laude from the University of Arkansas School of Law.

“It definitely made it way easier to get the opportunity to start my career and go as hard as I could without worrying about financial issues,” he said.

Even now, with less student loan debt on his shoulders, he’s able focus on what matters most.

“I’m able to worry more about my job and things like buying a home instead of spending all my money on student loans,” said Jones.

Bishop Woosley, Director of the Arkansas Lottery, said the lottery hopes to make even more dreams come true this year as the scholarship program is on track to break records.

“We’re having the best year we’ve ever had so far,” said Woosley. “We’re going to end up as good as we’ve ever been and could break our previous record or at least match it.”

He said the number to beat is roughly $97.2 million dollars as thousands of students await the opportunity to receive financial assistance.

“I am always amazed at the gratitude of the families who get the scholarships,” he said “They always say how thankful they are for them.”

The deadline to apply has been extended to July 1st.

For more information on how to apply visit here.